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Un evento ideato e diretto da Ilaria Mari

Fashion in Flair
Villa Bottini, Lucca

Craft and fashion Fair
Free admission

Lucca's classic 16th century Villa Bottini will host some of Italy's finest fashion, art and craftwork, together with those who create it.

Fashion in Flair will feature, for sale, the work of craftsmen responsible for the best in Italian-made quality clothing, jewels, accessories, furniture and art. The three-day event will also offer creative, wellness and beauty workshops as well as entertainment, food and wine.

The restored stately Villa Bottini, built in 1566 within Lucca's walls, was once owned by Napoleon's sister, Elisa Baciocchi, who bought it early in the 19th century. According to organisers, it provides a perfect setting for a 'Best of Made in Italy' event.
The historic villa, a jewel in the walls of Lucca, is a natural showcase for fine craftsmanship and provides the featured craftsmen with a perfect setting to show off their work.

Guests, too, will feel right at home, and will have the chance to enjoy a few relaxing hours surrounded by the type of high quality Italian craft and artwork that is usually reserved for specialized fairs. And not only will they be able to admire the work and learn how it is produced, they'll also be able to buy pieces direct from the creators.

You are all welcome!

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